Circulars from the Principal and Administration

All circulars from the administration or the Principal will be uploaded on the website here, in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.January 2022

May 2024


AJI Tamm circular No 2


March 2024

AJI Welcome circular to new admissions- AY 2024-2025

AJS-Update on Revised Ramadan Timings


January 2024

AJS CirNo 24_Kindergarten Zoo Trip


December 2023

AJB CirNo 23_Winter Break Holiday Information

AJS Cir No. 11_ KG-AJ Got Talent 2023


November 2023

Subject Distance Learning and UAE National Day Holiday

Circular AJ KG UAE National Day Celebration

Circular_AJS Sports Day 2023


October 2023

11th_Oct_Grade 11 Vaccination Distribution AJI A.Y 2023-2024

11th_Oct_Grade 8 Vaccination Distribution AJI A.Y 2023-2024

11th_Oct_Grade 1 Vaccination Distribution AJI A.Y 2023-2024

AJI Admissions 2024-2025 circular

3rd_Oct_World Scholar's Cup 2023


September 2023

27th_Sept_AJS_Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday Holiday

25th_Sept_AJS KG Circular 2023-3

25th_Sept_AJS KGCircular 2023-1


August 2023

30th_Aug_AJI_SOF Circular 2023_Cir No.5 AJIAY2023-24SEP


July 2023



June 2023

AJI Year End Circular

AJI CBSE Reading App

Well child KG Screening Circular to Parents 2023 - AJI (1)


May 2023

Circular al ain dairy AJI Cir#04

AJICirNo.04AJI Students Medical Health Record

Cir No.03 AJI Curriculum Evening


April 2023

CirNo.02 AJI Comprehensive Screening Notification to Parents 2023

AJI new bank account circular

AJI Cir No 2-Trip to Bounce

AJI Circular Chronic Cases

March 2023

AJI Year End Circular 2022-23  

 Cir. No. 63 - AJI YEAR END CIRCULAR 2022-23-2

February 2023

AJI Cir No.64 Early dispersal for own Student transport

AJI Cir No.63 POLIO Consent Form Circular

AJI Cir No 62 Memo to pts re trip to the Zoo AJB SR-KG and JR-KG


AJS Cir NO. 21 Grades 10 to 12 Mock Examinations

AJS Cir No. 20 _Charity Drive


January 2023

AJI- circular 10-re registration fee AY 2023-2024

AJS Cir No. 19_ School re-opening Term 2 S.Y 2022-2023


December 2022

AJS Cir No 26_Winter Break Holiday Information

November 2022

AJI Cir_No 60_AJI_Class_Photograph

AJI Cir No. 04_Edu Entertainment Trip to IMG World and YAS Water World

AJI Cir No. 05_Admissions for New Academic Year 2023-2024 (Indian System)

AJI Cir No. 06_Traditional Habdicrafts Festival Al Ain-Qattara 2022


October 2022

EmSAT Circular A.Y 2022 - 23

AJS Cir No. 15_ Schedule Guide on Friday, 28th October 2022

AJS CirNo 09_KG Field Trip to Domino's Pizza

AJS Cir No. 14_ World Scholar's Cup

AJS Cir No 13_ Go Pink Day!


September 2022

AJS Cir No 07_ Competition Announcement for KG

AJS CirNo 06_ “Pile It Up” Challenge Under “Mission 2 Zero” Campaign

AJS CirNo 05_Exhibiting Skills of KG Students

AJS CirNo 04_ Updates to the Covid 19 Precautionary Measures

AJS Circular No.02 Charity drive to help people affected by flood

 AJS CirNo01_ Changes in School Timing for KG

June 2022

AJI Cir No39_Term 1 – A.Y. 2022 – 23

AJI CirNo38_In-School PCR Testing for Students

AJI CirNo36 _School Canteen Notice


May 2022

AJS CirNo44 _In-School PCR Testing for Students


April 2022

AJI CirNo 28_ Eid Al-Fitr Holiday Information

AJS CirNo41_Eid- Al-Fitr Celebration (KG)

AJI CirNo 27_ DL Mode Grade 10 & 12

Circular_ Ramadan Charity Drive _ 2022

AJS Cir40 _KG Open House

AJI CirNo25_Way Forward to Term 1


March 2022

AJS CirNo36_In School PCR for Students

AJS CirNo34_In School PCR Routine Test for Students (Round 4)


February 2022

AJS CirNo32_In School PCR for Students 16 years and above only

CirNo31_In School PCR for Students_10th and 11th Feb 2022

CirNo30_Safer Internet Day 2022


January 2022

PCR Testing Consent Form Arabic

PCR Testing Consent Form English

AJB CirNo 44_In School PCR Testing Schedule for Students

AJS CirNo27_Updates on the Way Forward for Term 2

Student Travel Declaration Form

Cir No 26_Extending DL Mode of Learning


December 2021

AJS Cir No25_Updated Information of Term 2

AJS CirNo 24_Update 2 on School functioning model in the next term from 3rd Jan'22 as per BLUE SCHOOL INITIATIVE from ADEK

AJS CirNo23_Winter Break Holiday Information

AJS CirNo21_COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Important Information-en

Important Information-ar

November 2021

AJS CirNo20_School Holiday Information - Commemoration Day and UAE National Day

AJI Cir18_In School PCR Testing - Grade 10 to 12

AJI Cir17_In School PCR - KG and Grades 1 to 9

PCR Testing Consent Form Arabic

PCR Testing Consent Form English

AJI Cir16_Admissions for New AY 2022-2023 (Indian System)

AJS CirNo19_UAE National Day Celebration

AJI Cir15 - TERM-1 EXAMINATION- (2021– 2022)


October 2021

AJI Cir14-In-School Vaccination Initiative - Parent Survey Form

AJS CirNo07_Blue Schools Initiative

AJS CirNo08_School Holiday Information - Prophet's Muhammad Birthday (PBUH)

AJS CirNo4_EXPO 2021 -2022



Waiver Letter for Parents_Expo2020

AJS CirNo05_In-School PCR Schedule_Students 12 years above

PCR Testing Consent Form English

PCR Testing Consent Form Arabic

AJI Cir9-_Second Term -Formal Assessment 1

September 2021

AJS CirNo03_National Online Safety

School Map and Gates

AJS CirNo1- Hifz

AJI Cir- Sep 2021 - 26th Aug

AJI Cir No Reopening KG

August 2021

Reopening FAQ_Aug 2021

Student Medical Risk Undertaking Form

Student Travel Declaration Form

Physical Return Declaration Form

20210208_Circular_Comptt Improvement Exams XII 


June 2021

Summer vacation - A Silver Lining 2021


May 2021

AJI CirNo50_Grade 11 New Students

AJI CirNo49_Grade 11 AY 2021-2022- NEW

March 2021

 AJI CirNo39_ AJI Year-End Circular- March 2021


February 2021

AJS CirNo21_Schedules of the COVID-19 Testing for Face-to-Face Students

AJS CirNo18_National Online Safety

AJI CirNo31_Students Returning to School COVID-19 Testing

January 2021

AJI - Re-registration fee circular 2021-2022

AJI CirNo27_Continuation of Distance Learning (DL) for the Next 3 Weeks

Parents Guide for Returning to School in 2021- Arabic

Parents Guide for Returning to School in 2021- English

Cir No22_ Welcome Back to School 2021- Term 2

AJS Cir No17_ Covid19 Student Testing Date


AJS_Cir No 16_Distance Learning for the First Two Weeks of Term 2


November 2020

 AJI - Circular for New Admissions 2021 - 2022


October 2020

 AJI Circular_Parent’s Participation in Teaching and Learning Program


July 2020

AJS Circular 6 -Tamm - English

AJS Circular 6 -Tamm - Arabic


June 2020

Circular Virtual Open House 2020

Cir - Webinar stress management

Cir - Technology Month

Cir - Online Arabic Course

May 2020

Eid Al Fitr Holidays

AJI -e Circular 7-MOE books distribution

Live Webinar - Parent Self-Care Maudsley Health

ADEK Collaboration with Maan

MSIA HoH and ADEK 2020


April 2020

AJI - e-circular 6 Diwan access


English_Together we are good program - Circular to parents

Arabic_Together we are good program - Circular to parents

Parent Request Form_Together We Are Good program

Cir No 2 Important information

ADEK's Letter to Parents of Private School Students - English

ADEK's Letter to Parents of Private School Students - Arabic


March 2020

AJI End of Year Circular

Distance Learning Coordinator Contacts

Cir No 22 Navigating Uncertain Times - How Al Ain Juniors can cope with Coronavirus

Cir No 21_ Closure of Schools & continuity of Student learning AJI 2020

Cir No 21_KG_Closure of Schools & continuity of Student learning_AJI

February 2020

Corona Circular For Parents

Arabic Corona Circular For Parents


December 2019

Cir No 4 Winter Break


November 2019

Cir No 17 AJI Story Telling Competition

Cir No 16 AJS KG Trip to Lulu Hypermarket

Cir No 15 AJI KG Rhymes Competition

Cir No 15 AJS ENBD Poetry For All

Cir No 14 AJS Chevron Readers Cup

October 2019

Cir No 14 KG Stay Back Support

Cir No 13 AJI Open House


September 2019

Cir No 11 AJ SPORTS Club. After School Activities

Cir No 10 AJI HIFZ Circular

Cir No 09. AJI Welcome Back Circular After Summer Break


June 2019

Cir No 08 AJI Summer Circular

Cir No 07 AJI KG Student Stay Back Support


May 2019

Cir No 04 AJI Charity Drive

Cir No 03 AJI Parent and Student Survey

Cir No 02 AJI Special Classes

Cir No 46. Ramadan School Timings

Cir No 44 Parent and Student Survey

April 2019

Cir No 1 AJI Welcome to New Academic Year 2019-2020

February 2019

Cir No 42.B. AJI Special Classes Grade 12

Cir No 42.A. AJI Special Classes Grade 10

Cir No 41. Red Crescent Donation

Cir No 40 The World Scholars Cup

Cir No 39 AJI Declaration for New Academic Year 2019-2020

January 2019

Cir No 36 AJ Health and Fitness Festival

Cir No 35 AJI Parent Survey

Cir No 33 AJI Class Photograph

Cir No 31 AJI Grade 9 & 11 Special Classes

Cir No 30 CBSE Examination Schedule 2019

Cir No 29 Welcome Back to School 2019

December 2018

Circular for Surah Recitation competition

Cir No 29 Quran Memorization and Recitation

Cir No 29 Quran Memorization and Recitation المسابقة التربية الاسلامية بالعربي

Cir No 28 AJS Winter Break 2018

Cir No 27 AJ Winter STEM Program

Cir No 26 UAE National Day Holiday

Cir No 25 No Mobile Phones Allowed in School

November 2018

Cir No 23 Learning Trails

Cir No 20 Prophets Birthday Holiday

Cir No 12 Special Class for AJI Commerce Students

October 2018

Cir No 9 AJI Open House

Cir No 5 AJI Early Dispersal for Half Yearly Exams

September 2018

Cir No 4 AJI Primary Slumber Party - Reading Program

Cir No 3 Al Hijri Holiday

Cir No 3 AJI Circular for Care Program

Cir No 2 AJI Special Class for Grade 10 & 12

Cir No 1. AJI Welcome back Circular 2018

June 2018

Cir No.52.AJI Summer Circular 2018

AJI Grade 12 Exam Schedule

AJI Grade 11 Exam Schedule

AJI Grade 10 Exam Schedule

AJI Grade 7-9 Exam Schedule

May 2018

Cir No.49. Ramadan School Timings

AJI Unit Test 1 Portions - Grade 10-12

AJI Unit Test 1 Portions - Grade 7-9

April 2018

Cir No 47. Letter re uniform

Cir No.45 AJ Arabic Department Ali Bin Hamal Educational Competition

Cir No.44. AJ Partnership with Environment Friends of Society

Cir No.43. Parent Survey

Cir No.39. Letter to Parents for Arabic Week

March 2018

AJI year-end circular 2017-18

Cir No.37B.circular FOR eTIMSS grade 8

Cir.No.37A.circular FOR eTIMSS grade 4

Februray 2018

AJI Grade 7-12 Annual Exam portion (subject wise)

AJI Final Exam Schedule

Cir No.37. Letter to Parents of Latecomers

January 2018

Cir No. 34. MaRRS International Spelling Bee

Cir No 29. AJI.CBSE Exam Schedule - Grade 10&12

Cir No 28. Welcome Back to School 2018

Cir No 27.AJI Second Term 2017-18

2017 Circulars

Cir No 26.Language Policy

Cir No 24.AJI Winter Break

Cir No 25.Letter to Parents for No Bag

Cir No 23.Grade 11 Math Class

Cir No 21.KG - Letter to Parents for AJS Colours of the World 2017

Cir No 20. UAE National Day & Colors of the World Carnival

Cir No 19.Annual Day Practice

Cir No 18.Letter to Parents for AJS Annual Day 2017

Cir No 17.KG Visit to Al Ain Museum

Cir No 12.KG Eat Right Get Active Week

Cir No 10 Career Fair - Educationary

Cir No 8 Math Stay Back Program

Cir No 9 Festival of Crafts and Traditional Industries 2017

KG.School Parent Handbook 2017-2018

KG. AJI.Little Mathematician.Circular

KG. All About Me Circular

KG.Poster Making

KG.I Care Week

Announcement Formal Assessment 1.Secondary

Cir No 7 Formal Assessment 1.Secondary A.Y. 17-18

KG.Blue Day circular

KG.Yellow Day circular

Cir No 5 Election debate AJI_2017-18

JKG.Circular for Alphabets

Cir No 2 Al Hijri holiday

Circular No.1 AJI Welcome back circular after summer vacation

Letter to Parents Regarding Students Punctuality

AJI - Summer Circular 2017

AJI Year End Circular 2016-17

Guide to identify Trees in Abu Dhabi

ISeeATree Collector App Guide Doc

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