Fruit Salad Day 2022

Children of Al Ain Juniors Nursery are taught about importance of fruits. To reinforce the concept, a “Fruit Salad Day” was organized for our little children on Thursday, 6th October 2022.

Children brought a variety of fruits in their tiffin. With the help of teachers, children made a healthy fruit salad by mixing different fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, and pears. Teachers explained the importance of eating fruit to remain strong and healthy.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome censorial experience of creating a colourful fruity delight and learned its importance too.

AJN Fruit Salad Day 2022 1

AJN Fruit Salad Day 2022 2

AJN Fruit Salad Day 2022 3

AJN Fruit Salad Day 2022 4

AJN Fruit Salad Day 2022 5

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