World Animal Day

We celebrated world animal day in the nursery on 4th October 2022.

 As well as doing lots of animal activities, in our groups, we talked about the animals that we had at home, how we looked after them, and the other animals in the world that we liked and why.

The discussion we had with children helped them to learn about respecting the world around them and the creatures in it as well as each other. This gives our children the opportunity to further understand the world, it is an essential part of our Personal, Social, and Emotional Development curriculum too. The discussion also gave our children the opportunity to do their “good talking” about their experiences with animals at homes such as pets or animals that they see in the garden or out and about in the community, supporting their language and communication development.

 AJN World Animal Day 1

 AJN World Animal Day 2

 AJN World Animal Day 3

 AJN World Animal Day 4

 AJN World Animal Day 5

 AJN World Animal Day 6

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