The Investiture Ceremony 2019 - 2020

Posted by Marione Caryle, Gr 12B

 There goes a saying that “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example;” and on October 1, 2019, the leaders of the academic year 2019-2020 were officially badged during the Student Council Investiture Ceremony.

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At the early advent of the first Tuesday morning of October, the final preparations for the much awaited investiture ceremony were being settled.

This year, the investiture ceremony had a different touch of events with a new and exciting entrance and a message from the entire council performed as a chant, which truly added value to the programme.

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Once the honorary guests, student body and proud parents finally arrived, everything commenced. First off, to start the main event; our Principal, Sir Ghaffar gave an inspirational and eloquent speech directly aimed for the council.

Following the Principal’s address, the march-pass of the student council begun with great enthusiasm and zest. The procession started off with the assistant house captains, followed by the house of the four houses. Then, came the main council which consisted of the assistant sports captains, sports Captains, ambassadors, secretaries, vice presidents and finally, our president.

The procession was followed by the most awaited moment, the pinning of the badges. Each of the student council member — starting with the president and all the way to the assistant house captains — was called up on stage while the hosts, Noreen and Onithi gave the audience a glimpse of some the student’s achievements and talents. Each of the students left the stage ecstatic as they were officially badged as a student council member.
Thereafter, the council members took up the oath with the help of our chairman, Mr. Arshad Sharief. They pledged to be the model students of the school; to serve and be the voice for the student body; as well as to follow the Alain Juniors School Student Council constitution.

Hereafter, the ceremony proceeded with a speech by the newly elected Student Body President, Mahreen Munir, where she emphasized on the purpose and responsibility of the student council members and reminded them that the council is not a one-man show but rather the collective work of a team.

This was then followed by a speech by our managing director, Ms. Tanveer Arshad, where she expressed her appreciation for the avidity shown by the president in her speech. She then advised the council and encouraged them to work as a team by giving a beautiful analogy of the V-shaped formation of geese.

Finally, the chant was performed by the council members where they boldly expressed three of their main objectives of the year: empowerment, equality and recognition. The president started off by asking the council, “Who are we?” which was followed by a collective response, “We are a team!” Thereafter, the president asked, “What will we do” which proceeded with the student council eloquently expressing the three of the aforementioned goals.

The ceremony was then concluded by the Vote of Thanks given by our (female) Vice President, Tasnim Ahmed, where she extended her gratitude to each and every one for their involvement in the success of the event.

-Marione Caryle, Grade 12B

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