Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

Posted by Ummer Farooq

In every corner of the earth, the Special Olympics is changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. The fundamental essence of Special Olympics is to provide an opportunity for differently-abled people to exhibit their talent in various events of sports, both for children as well as adults.

Al Ain Juniors School holds pride in having hosted the most esteemed delegates of Latvia, Tanzania, and Gambia on 10 March 2019 with a spectacular display of both art and talents. The students of kindergarten warmly welcomed them, clad in colored tees and waving 'pom-poms'.

It truly was a captivating sight. With smiles crowning their face, the representatives made their way to the football turf for the opening ceremony. The anchors for the day, Hafis Mohamed and Tesa Rose, guided the program with utmost grace and enthusiasm. As any auspicious occasion begins with the blessings of God, a few verses from the Quran were recited followed by the national anthems of UAE, Latvia, Gambia, and Tanzania. The kindergarteners, like bolts of energy, captured the limelight as they moved to catchy tunes with synchronized steps. A few of the delegates also joined them. It was great fun to see all of the tiny tots enjoying themselves along with the guests. As an expression of the immense support the participating athletes, Al Ain Juniors presented them a well-wishing card.






Next on the list were the various cultural programs that had been arranged for the company of sportsmen and women. With coordinated steps and flashy costumes, the student representing Gambian community mesmerized everyone with a dance. The Latvian dance was no less cheerful. Performed with perfection and grace, the performers were joined onstage by the Latvian delegates and everyone had a whole lot of jocularity. To propagate the spirit of determination and perseverance, a musical drama was enacted on the theme, 'Don't Give Up!!". Taken from the very books of history itself, the play was about one of the most influential women boxers of all time, Mary Kom, who reached the pinnacle of her glory by winning a medal in the Summer Olympics of 2012.





To commend the contenders of all the countries that were present, on behalf of the whole faculty and staff members of the school, lovely artworks on the Special Olympics etched by the school's art teacher, Mr. Muruganandham and the students, were presented to each country as well as to the ADEK representatives who were attendant that day.

India is a country with vast cultural diversity. And it was truly an enthralling moment when the pupils of the institution graced the audience with one of the most practiced dance forms of India - Bharatnatyam. With gaudy attire and chiming 'ghungroos', the dancers held everyone in thrall.

The event winded up with a fun session where the delegates played various games which included kicking a ball through a hoop and 'Passing the Parcel'. The mirthful day ended on a joyful note with all of the people dancing to upbeat Tanzanian tunes.

Every single one of us, be it intellectually sound or otherwise, are in the end, equal. It is absolutely futile and dim-witted to think otherwise. In the true sense of sportsmanship, let us wish all the participants of the Special Olympics the very best of luck.








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