AJB-MUN - 5th Session 2018-19

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TEENAGERS becoming world SAVIORS

As a part of the youth and the future generation’s leaders, are you aware of the adverse prevailing issues of the world?

If so, do you want to make a real difference in this world? If your answer is affirmative, learn how the students of Al-Ain Juniors School are doing just that through Model United Nations.

This is neither the G8 nor the G20, but the G193. Whatever your view on the UN may be, there’s no doubt it has played an important role in the latter half of the 20th century. MUN comes in to give us youth a way of solving the world’s problems.

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 2

The AJB-MUN Conference of 2018-2019 was held on the 31st of January 2018-2019 at 5 pm in the AJS premises. The opening ceremony commenced with the Arabic Prayer recited by the Deputy Secretary General, Zuhair Muhammad followed by the UAE national anthem. This was then followed by a welcoming speech given by the AJB-MUN Secretary-General, Mahreen Munir in which she outlined the ways UN has impacted the world on a global scale as well as how MUN has favorably influenced her life on a personal level. This was followed by the introduction of the AJB-MUN team by our coordinator, Ms. Najiba Dishan.

Subsequently, the AJB students, John Magdy, Ahmad Aziz, Misbah Rashid, and Mahreen Munir had presented an exceptional slam poetry performance called “Shots Fired” that highlighted the issue of gun violence. Thereafter, the song, “Fill a Heart” was sung by Farwah Baloch along with guitarist, Ella to remind everyone that in the midst of these fatal issues, there is still hope.

This was followed by AJB’s most talented choir who sang the beautiful song, “Walking the Wire”. Then, our chairman and MD, Mr. and Mrs. Arshad addressed the MUN participants before the opening ceremony ended with the Secretary-General declaring the opening of the AJB-MUN 2018-19 Session.

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 10

The hosts commencing the opening ceremony

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 9

The Arabic Prayer recited by Zuhair Muhammad

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 8

”Shots Fired” performed by the AJB Students

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 7

“Walking the Wire”, performed by the AJB-MUN choir

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 6

Mr. Arshad and Mrs. Tanveer addressing the AJB-MUN participants

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 1

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 5

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 4

AJB MUN 2018 19 News 3

This year’s conference consisted of three committees; Security Council, Department of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, General Assembly.

Each committee had delegates debating in full swing with each one expressing their own perspectives and opinions on the various global issues. In the end, all delegates and chairpersons unanimously passed the most effective resolutions to the problems discussed. MUN has allowed the AJB students to take a gigantic step to change the issues of the world.


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