AJ Family Cricket Tournament Opens with Spectacular Matches!

The much-anticipated Tournament kicked off on January 6th, 2024, amid an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm at the AJS Ground.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by Mr. Arshad Sharief, the esteemed AJ Group Chairman, who emphasized the tournament's core values of "Fun and Fitness Through Sports." Adding prestige to the event, the presence of CEO, Mr. Zahid Sarosh marked its significance, setting the stage for an action-packed series of matches.

The tournament promises more gripping contests as it progresses towards its thrilling finale on January 13th. The AJ family, comprising staff and parents, eagerly anticipates further cricketing action and moments of sportsmanship at the AJ Grounds.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and highlights as the AJ Family Cricket Tournament continues its journey towards an exhilarating culmination!


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