AJI Slumber Party

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AJI Primary organized a Slumber party for the students of grades 1, 2 &3 on 23rd September 2019 during the school hours.

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The main aim of the Slumber Party was to enhance their reading skills and creativity to broaden their imagination through their active participation in various activities along with the involvement of their parents. The parents were also invited to read stories for the students which they did enthusiastically.

On the day of SLUMBER PARTY, the students wore pajamas, brought a sleeping bag/blanket and pillow, a favorite stuffed animal "bedtime friend", snacks and their favorite storybook. Also, individual stories were allotted to each section of each division, and, various activities and classroom decorations were organized based on the story.

The students were encouraged to share their storybook and snacks with their peers and teachers. Not only does sharing bring them joy, but it also teaches them the importance of taking care of others.
Through the activities organized as part of the Slumber party, the children learned to collaborate, discuss with each other, and, provided a very safe and happy ambiance that promoted reading.

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