Al Ain Juniors Model United Nations 2019

Posted by Ummer Farooq

The 5th session of the MODEL UNITED NATIONS at Al Ain Juniors School was conducted with full pomp and show.

The Al Ain Juniors Model United Nations is a platform where students collaborate and exhibit leadership skills to solve contemporary global issues. The delegates enthusiastically debated, negotiated and discussed with diplomacy, as they came up with solutions to the problems discussed. The chairs moderated the entire session with excellence. The MUN makes sure that all ideas expressed are authenticated. It also helps build good Student relationships as their ideas are incorporated together to be declared as a "Resolution".

It is said that a 'Teacher' is the one that lights the way in a dark valley but here in AJMUN, the 'Students' think independently and light their way to success !!

 AJMUN News 2019 6

Vice Principal addressing the delegates

AJMUN News 2019 7

Motivational speech by AJMUN coordinator Mrs. Latha James

AJMUN News 2019 8

Delegates raising placards to be recognized

AJMUN News 2019 9

Delegate of Nigeria addressing the committee

AJMUN News 2019 1

Delegates negotiating in SOCHUM Committee

AJMUN News 2019 2

Delegate of UK using his diplomacy

AJMUN News 2019 3

Chair recognizing the delegate of UK

AJMUN News 2019 5

Dynamic Media team receiving certificates





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