The First Ever Al Ain Juniors Presidential Debate 2017

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On Monday 2nd October 2017, Al Ain Juniors School had its very first Presidential & Vice Presidential Debate which had the candidates compete against each other with a Moderator in the AJ Auditorium.

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5 Questions were asked by the moderator Ms.Jayne McDougal, and 5 Questions were taken from the participating audience of Grade 10 to 12 students who were deeply engaged and excited with the proceedings of the event.


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First, we had the vice presidential candidates 6 of them, 3 Boys & 3 Girls each take 1 min to respond to the questions asked then later the presidents were introduced to the stage, who also took questions from the moderator and later from the audience.

Students cheered on for their Presidential candidates and it was evident they knew exactly who was going to be the next Al Ain juniors President 2017.


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The Debate was graced with the presence of the School Principal Mrs. Aishah Siddiqua, the Vice-Principal (secondary) Mr. Parag Omar Gandhi, Head Of Mathematics Ms. Katherine Trencher and Mr. Ummer Farooq.


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