Introducing Mathspace at Al Ain Juniors School

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Dear Valued Parents,
After much research and trialing many systems over the past three years, the school has invested in a new online mathematics program called Mathspace.

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Mathspace has been implemented for all Year 4- 9 students at Al Ain Juniors School, British System and will be used as an online learning platform which integrates a fully functional e-textbook, with student work and ongoing assessments to provide an individual learning program. Parents can also view their child’s progress in the program if they also sign up to Mathspace.

While the human element of teaching mathematics can never be replaced, and is ultimately the best way to help a student understand new material, the monitoring of a student's understanding (which is just as important as the initial delivery of the material) can be greatly enhanced by utilising current and growing technology.

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Mathematics is a subject that requires the greatest need for attention to a student's understanding due to the fact that every topic from a primary level, to the end of a student's secondary career, is interrelated and built upon assumed knowledge that a student has acquired in previous years. If a student's lack of cognition is not addressed as soon as it occurs it inevitably has a compounding effect with regard to their understanding of any related topics that are subsequently taught during that year or years to come.

There is a range of benefits of Mathspace, including:
• 24/7 math’s tutoring capabilities
• Individual learning program for students (the program monitors a student’s progress, moving on to the next stage when they have mastered a task, not just answered one question correctly)
• Formative assessments of students in real time
• Video tutorials in addition to a full digital textbook with lessons for every topic (no more expensive hard copy Maths texts)
• Smartphone friendly interface
• A great tool for study; it’s not just for classwork and homework
• Connects parents with the school to enable a team approach in supporting student learning
• Fully aligned to British Curriculum
• Differentiation tools to allow teachers to create groups within their class
• Over 15,000 questions with avatars, badges and points keep students motivated


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What makes Mathspace unique?
Mathspace has been developed by a core group of educators and programmers, joined only by their passion for Maths and for teaching it to kids. It has been built from the ground up to be exactly what teachers need to teach and students need to learn.

Mathspace is the world's first math program that allows students to show every step of their math reasoning. Students can show every line of work for every math question, whereas other math apps only ask for the final answer, or use a multiple choice format. With Mathspace, all written steps are made digital, captured in the storage cloud, and available for students and teachers to review whenever they need to.

In the Mathspace program, each line of work is marked as students complete it, giving them real-time, formative feedback at each stage of a question. Students are supported at every step with hints, videos and next steps, so they're never stuck - just as if a teacher were sitting by their side.

All of this data is captured and summarized into useful reports for teachers that pinpoint individual and class strengths and weaknesses, giving teachers unrivaled insight into exactly where students need help.

This data also drives the program’s adaptive learning engine, which personalises a student's path through a curriculum. No other app collects as much data as Mathspace, meaning no other program has such an insight into exactly how students are progressing on their math journey. This means students have a more adaptive and personalised learning path.


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Video on Mathspace:

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