AJ Sports and Health Festival 2019

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Al Ain Juniors School organized “AJ Sports and Health Festival” in collaboration with all its stake holders, students, teachers, parents and wider community to spread awareness on healthy life style.

The main motive in this year of tolerance 2019 was to collaborate with everyone in the community. Featuring a number of Innovation displays, Melodious choir, acrobatic displays, games arena, Live Art, Science talk, Health check, blood donation campaign and much more, the ‘AJ sports and Health Festival was organized by Al Ain Juniors School, Al Ain on 7th February, 2019, marking a day of celebration and togetherness.

Excitement was rich in the air as people inched from one stall to the other taking in everything around them with nothing short of fascination.

 AJ Health Sports 6News 2019

AJ Health Sports 10News 2019

AJ Health Sports 2News 2019

The day began with the students singing the national anthem, and once again feeling grateful for all the wonderful opportunities this country has provided to everyone. The displays put up by Children from kindergarten to grade 12 provided a visual treat to the guests and parents. The AJ band also played throughout the event. They definitely helped to set the scene for the school carnival.

As a part of the ‘Innovation Week’, a science exhibition was also held, which displayed the works of “the little Einsteins’ of Al Ain Juniors School. Visitors fled into the exhibition hall as students presented their respective exhibits. Another major attraction was the Live Art performance which was an innovation by itself was clearly one of the most beautiful things seen that day. The exhibits there were priceless.

AJ Talk was one among the highlights of the day. It provided opportunities for students to exhibit their journalistic skills. The media team of AJ Talk interviewed the guests, Mr. Hassan Al Shaqafa -Executive Senior Case Examiner, Mr. Mubarak Al Khitbi – Chairman Unified Sports and Rashid Al Dharmaky of Community Police, Mr. Arshad Sherief, Chairman of AJ group, and a number of other important personalities present for the function, in the AJ Studio.

The evening also witnessed the birth of two young authors into the World of English Literature. In the presence of a multitude of guests and parents, chief guest of the day released ‘Labyrinthine’ a collection of poems written and compiled by Miss. Wafa Naufal and Fahima Mubarak.

Being a sports and health festival, hospitals from vicinity of Al Ain had come to be part of the celebration by providing health checkups, healthy living instructions and blood donation campaign etc.

The entire event was spread out into eight venues with people throbbing into each of them like bees to a honeysuckle.
When entering through the gates of Al Ain Juniors the health corner by hospital and health centres such as NMC, Burjeel , Universal, Medeor and Mubarak Medical centre welcomed the guests and parents . The health care was provided in the areas of dental care, blood tests, diabetics check up, orthopaedics and mobile blood bank from SEHA. The raffle draws conducted by Medeor kept the visitors energized and enthusiastic during the events. Apart from the above mentioned events they too had occasional health talks to create awareness about healthy living.

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Science talk

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Science exhibits and science talks along with quiz mesmerized the visitors

The scientists and future science experts dealt on varied topics in the auditorium.
Venue three was the main stage. Here the programs began with live Art under the guidance of talented and skilled Mr. Murukanandam , the Arts teacher of Al Ain Juniors. Students, on the canvas created a world of imagination and fantasy on the theme of sports and health. It was then followed by the formal inauguration of the AJ sports and Health fest 2019.This was also a platform for presenting the prizes for various events conducted during the festival and held before.

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Live Art

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Acrobatic displays

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Moving to venue four, the play areas had the sports and fitness challenges after the acrobatic displays by students.
Those who wanted any information regarding fitness and other miscellanies the venue five was ready to cater with stalls set up for the purpose.

After going through medical check up at venue one and challenges presented at venue three, those who wished to learn a few healthy practices for healthy living on the daily basis, the venue six was ready with yoga sessions by experts for parents and students.

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Chief guests of the day

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Chief guests of the day released ‘Labyrinthine’ a collection of poems written and compiled by Miss. Wafa Naufal and Fahima Mubarak

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Delicious food and its aroma leave one’s mouth watering. Yes, AJ had provision to meet the hunger. Venue seven had the cookery competition; food court and at the same time on the stage next to it had AJ Choir and prize distributions. It also accommodated the upcoming entrepreneur of AJ with their stalls selling T-shirt with one’s name written on it, henna and nail polish designs for those who wanted to take some time to groom themselves.

And the final venue, the venue eight spread through the corridors of AJI Primary had the science exhibitions by the young Einsteins of AJ and at the far end corner had the AJ Studio with AJ Talk interviewing the guests and other dignitaries.

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Anyone who spent time to visit all the eight venues would remain spell bound and needed to take a long sigh before they could realise they were still in AJ not in some where visiting a global villages.
Overall it was a wonderful event to relish.

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